ceiling printed


Today SKYMAKERS offers you a real revolution in terms of stretch ceiling with a wide range of stretch fabric. That are great alternative to traditional types of decorating materials (plaster, drywall, wood, marble, etc.).

Stretch ceilings can also be used for acoustical treatment and lighting design purpose.

All of the textiles are manufactured in FRANCE. Indeed we are able to offer a very reasonable price for a stretch ceiling fabric perfect finish.

Finish the stretched PVC ceiling that you had to heat to soften and whose finishes were tedious and the composition not always ecological. We offer a very quick solution to install and available locally in Doha.

No more gypsum board in the projets.

Very fast installation

The inconvenience of using traditional 10 m2 of gypsum board, with SKYMAKERS we are able to install 50m2 with the same number of manpower.


Our stretch ceilings are durable and will not crack, sag or peel, like plaster or paint, offering a great return on investment. The fabric will resist moisture and stay as good as new, even when exposed to moist and hot environments. The longevity of the fabric and the strength of the perimeter track are the reasons our stretch fabric ceilings come with 10 years warranty. In large projects such as hotels, residential towers, our teams can work at the same time as other trades. All the usual elements will be integrated in your ceiling such as smoke detectors, spot lights, and access panels. We offer wide selection of colors available that can perfectly match with your interiors.

Our ceilings perfectly meet the requirements in terms of acoustic and fire certification.


COMPOSITION : Polyester knitted fabric coated with polyurethane (PU)

WIDTH : Up to 5,20 meters gross (no joints or seams)

WEIGHT : 245 gr/m2, +/- 10%


APPEARANCE : Matt, smooth and uniform

COLOR : Optical white; Classical white; Black; Beige

STRENGTH: 5 times greater than PVC film, doesn’t crack CH : 4,4 daN; TR : 6,5 daN


Where to use it ? New construction, Renovation, Public, Home, Stores, Imo, Swimming pools